How Skill Games Can Become your new Revenue Stream?

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Electronic Skill Games in Omaha Nebraska

Competition can be cut-throat in the independent fuel retail and convenience store industries. At Funambulist Gaming, we know that in order to not only survive but thrive you are probably always on the lookout for new revenue streams. Skill based games are an easy and profitable solution.

You might be thinking, where can I find skill games near me? Funambulist Gaming is an expert in electronic skill games in Omaha, Nebraska. Making them a part of your business requires no money down from you and only a small amount of space in your store.  

Whenever you’re experiencing decreased retail sales, revenue from electronic games will help you absorb reduced profits, so you can keep your staff working and your doors open. Electronic skill games are an ideal solution for convenience stores, bars, and gas stations in order to attract more customers and build customer loyalty.

What is a Skill-Based Game?

Skill-based games are different from gambling games like slot machines. A skill-based game requires the player to use skill or judgment, removing the element of chance from the outcome of the game. The way it works is simple. Customers insert money into the gaming cabinet, then use their skills to win real money. 

What Services Do We Provide?

Here are some of the services we provide, at absolutely no cost to you:

  • Delivery and installation of our skill game cabinets.
  • Premium chairs for each cabinet, so your customers can be comfortable while playing.
  • Training for you and your staff on how the machines operate.
  • Filing and paying for the annual decals that must be displayed on compliant gaming cabinets
  • Ensuring you’re up to date on the newest regulations.
  • Round-the-clock tech support
  • Emergency dispatch service.

In addition to all of the free services mentioned above, we split all earnings equally with you. It’s really as simple as making a space for the games and showing us where you want them installed. 

Skill-based games are legal in Nebraska but subject to strict regulations that change from time to time. If you’re worried about new regulations negatively impacting your revenue stream, call the Funambulist Gaming team at 402-671-0449 (toll-free: 800-418-6915) or shoot us an email at so we can get you back in action with exciting and compliant games. 

How Much Space Will I Need?

Our gaming cabinets have a small footprint and a huge impact. Because they are compact, measuring just 64” tall by 28” wide, and 23” deep, you don’t need a lot of room in order to get your new revenue stream rolling.

We’re known for our exceptional service and follow-up, but the quality of our games for convenience stores is just as important. All our machines are made in America from 100% high-grade steel. This makes them extremely durable.

What Are Some Features of Our Skill-Based Games?

Our extra-large, LED touch screens feature vivid graphics guaranteed to attract your customers.

The bill validators, which accept everything for $1 to $100, are able to detect fraudulent bills if someone tries to pass one.

Our thermal ticket printers produce clearly printed receipts, reducing disputes over any cash payouts that a customer has won.


Located in Omaha, Nebraska, Funambulist Gaming distributes skill-based games (sometimes also called cash devices) to small businesses in Nebraska looking for an additional revenue stream to supplement normal business income. If you’ve been looking into skill machines for sale, get in touch with the experts at Funambulist Gaming.  There’s no need to buy a game cabinet – we are a licensed distributor of cash devices in Nebraska, and provide one of the highest per-foot profit-yielding solutions in the industry.