The History of Nebraska Skill Games

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History of Nebraska Skill Games

Nebraska is a state with a long and torrid history of gambling. In the state’s early years, gambling was rampant, and Omaha was considered the gambling capital. Today, most gambling is illegal, and casinos are banned. However, if you walk into a restaurant, bar, convenience store, etc., you will likely see skill-based games set up. Because many people play skill games to win money, individuals may believe this is an illegal form of gambling. However, this is not the case. In order to understand how skill games are legal, it is necessary to know the state’s history and how it defines gambling. 

The History of Skill-Based Games in Nebraska

The state of Nebraska is notorious for being strict with its gambling rules and regulations. In fact, until 1934, all forms of gambling in the state were considered illegal. However, in 1934, the Nebraska State Consitution was amended to allow horse-race gambling with certain restrictions. Later, in 1958, the Constitution was amended again to permit bingo games conducted by nonprofit associations. This Consitution was amended again in 1967 to allow raffles, lotteries, and gift enterprises. Finally, in 1992, voters in Nebraska chose to approve legislation that permitted a state lottery. 

Over the past 30 years, the state and its residents have gone back and forth over the efficacy of gambling. The state still does not permit casinos, blackjack, dice, roulette, poker, slot machines, and much more. However, in 2019, the state loosened its definition of “gambling” and determined that certain games did not fall under this definition. 

Where Skill-Based Games Fall

According to the state of Nebraska, “gambling” occurs when an individual places a monetary bet on an event where the outcome is not determined by skill but rather by chance. Essentially, if an individual has no control over the outcome of an event, they cannot place a bet on that event. When operating with this definition of gambling, skill-based games do not fall into the category.

Skill-based games are games that individuals pay to play, where their skill level determines the game’s outcome. If a player performs well, they can win money. Because the individual is relying on their own skill, these games are not considered gambling, and they are not illegal. However, there are still regulations that establishments must abide by in order to operate them.  

Current Legislation on Gaming Equipment

On November 14th, 2020, the Nebraska Department of Revenue enacted new Skill-Game (Cash Device) Regulations. These regulations required that all skill gaming machines be inspected and that all businesses operating the gaming equipment become licensed operators. The regulations were established to ensure that all locations operate these machines legally.

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