Skill Games: They are not just for Mom & Pop Stores

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Skill Games are not just for Mom & Pop Stores

While traversing your local convenience stores, bars, or gas stations, you may have noticed a common theme among them. They all seem to have a few Electronic Skill Game Cabinets in them. Have you ever wondered why this is? There are several reasons actually.

Small business owners work hard to turn a profit. Oftentimes these small business owners are not afforded the same discount luxuries that larger businesses and chains are given. The owners may work many hours themselves, or even be the sole employee in order to reap any profit. Thin bottom lines are an all too common problem among them. Therefore, these owners are constantly looking for products that are highly profitable, take up little room, and are easy to operate.

At Funambulist Gaming, we offer a product that is the perfect solution! Electronic Skill-based gaming machines! However, these exciting gaming cabinets are not only suitable for small businesses, they perform well in larger commercial settings as well. And for many of the same reasons.

Are Electronic Skill Games profitable?

Absolutely! For the amount of space, they take up, and the attention to operate, these gaming cabinets are some of the best money-makers a business owner/operator could have in their location. Small business owners have scoured the market to find products that are easy to manage and perform consistently in order to bring in profits, and skill games happen to be one of the best. That is why they all have them. However, they perform just as well in medium and larger commercial stores and chains. So, what are some of the things to consider in regard to gaming cabinets?

Do we have the floor space?

One of the advantages a larger establishment has over the Mom & Pop stores is size. Even so, with our gaming machines, floor space is rarely an issue, even for smaller locations. It is hard to find another product that is so highly profitable while taking up so little space in your establishment. For the amount of actual floor space that these game cabinets take up, they are one of the biggest bang-for-your-buck items that you can have. The gaming cabinets themselves take up less than 6 square feet each. They’re so small you probably have room for them already. Our Funambulist Gaming installation team is highly skilled at assisting in finding the perfect space for maximizing your gaming cabinets presence.

How hard are they to operate?

Perhaps one of the greatest aspects of these Skill Games is that they operate with almost zero interaction from you or your employees! They are almost totally automated. Customers can come into your establishment and play the games without any assistance. The game cabinets themselves are cash devices, so players just put cash directly into the bill acceptors. The monitors are LED touch screens, so customers can play, navigate between the games, and redeem their winnings all on their own. When a player requests their winnings a skill game receipt ticket automatically prints out in a secure location that only you or your customers access.

Who can operate Electronic Gaming Cabinets?

Skill-based games are subject to Nebraska state regulations and are perfectly legal to own and operate in Nebraska. Funambulist Gaming keeps its thumb on the pulse of skill game regulations so that all of our customers remain in compliance. 

How affordable are they?

Funambulist Gaming provides gaming cabinets with zero upfront costs and free installation! 7-day-a-week live technical support is also provided. We also offer emergency dispatch support if your skill gaming machine needs any repairs or maintenance. So what’s holding you back? These gaming cabinets are a perfect way for any establishment to generate additional income. Funambulist Gaming is the premier supplier of the best electronic skill gaming systems in Omaha, Nebraska. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you today with all of your skill gaming needs! Give us a call today!