New Guide For Electronic Skill Games in Nebraska

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New Guide For Electronic Skill Games in Nebraska

Sometimes our business is not ALL fun and games–it also involves following laws and mandatory protocols. We always stay on top of the rules and regulations and want to pass that knowledge on to you.

Are you the owner of a Nebraska gas station, convenience store, restaurant, bar, or lounge with a game of skill? If so, we have crucial information you need to know. The Nebraska Department of Revenue has made important updates to its requirements for official cash devices, and Funambulist Gaming is dedicated to helping our customers stay on top of what’s new.

So What’s New With Electronic Games of Skill in Nebraska?

Official Cash Device Regulations for Nebraska, released on Nov. 4, 2020, must be followed by both electronic skill game distributors and operators throughout the state. The comprehensive guide details the process for distributors to get “cash devices” approved through a single independent laboratory, GLI, and the Nebraska Department of Revenue (DOR).

Navigating the document can be overwhelming, so we have broken it down for our customers. Here’s what we know:

Games Of Skill Versus Games of Chance

First, a distributor of electronic skill games in Nebraska (like Funambulist Gaming) needs to ensure our legal cash devices meet the requirements as games of skill as opposed to a game of chance. Do you know the difference?

– Skill based Games include players that completely control the nature of the game. Success is not determined in any way by another source or chance event.

– Games of chance are based on luck. You don’t have to practice or be good to win.

Funambulist Takes Care of Industry Standards

All legitimate electronic games of skill (cash devices) must also adhere to the same standards. Here is what we are responsible for:

  1. An application to have the games evaluated by the DOR must be submitted and paid for by a distributor like Funambulist.
  2. Once the electronic skill game, or cash device, is approved, a distributor must then apply for and pay to obtain a decal to be displayed on the game. The DOR regulations state that “No device may be placed in operation without having a valid decal affixed prominently on the front of the device where it is visible at all times so DOR representatives need not move a device to see the decal.
  3. After the first of the year, the previous year’s decals must be removed entirely, or covered by placing the current year’s decal over it. If a device has more than one playing station, each station must have a valid decal.

As you can see, it’s our job to take care of a lot–keeping things easy for our customers. But you still have a few responsibilities as a customer (an operator of a cash device).

Your Job: Applying For A Cash Device License

It is crucial to understand that you are now responsible for applying for a Cash Device License.

The Nebraska Application for Cash Device License – Form 57 must be completed and submitted to the Nebraska Department of Revenue by December 30, 2020. No fee is required. If you have more than one location, you must obtain a license for each location that will be prominently displayed near the location of the cash devices.

At Funambulist Gaming, we take requirements seriously. We do all to ensure we stay on top of all DOR rules and regulations.

We encourage you to take time to look at the requirements. Give us a call at 402-858-4369 if you have questions about the application process for obtaining a license. Click here for more information on getting electronic skill games set up in your business, and let the games begin!