Little floor space, big impact!

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Little floor space, big impact!

Is there a secret behind the way that business owners that operate games of skill organize their floor space to create efficiency? Is there a way to consider your store’s layout and place your gaming cabinets in an area that will encourage more gameplay and a longer stay for your playing customers?

Effective floor space pace management is important to your bottom line. Having a strategy to effectively place your gaming cabinets is crucial to how much play they will get, and how profitable they can be. Consider this when deciding where to place these skill game cabinets in your business.

Effective space management is a process of utilizing the space available in your location efficiently. Space management is critically important, as you often are trying to promote many different products all at the same time. But when doing this, also realize that each item that you are promoting has maximum profit potential. That is where Funambulist Skill game cabinets really shine. They take up so little floor space!

You should know that there are very few products that offer the same bang for their buck as Funambulist skill game machines. Yes, these gaming cabinets are low maintenance and highly profitable, but one of the biggest reasons you should include them is that they have a very small footprint in relation to their profit potential.

That is why so many restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores, and bars have them prominently displayed. And that’s why you should have them prominently displayed too.

So where should you put skill game cabinets?

When considering how much space to dedicate to a product, you must consider how much potential profit that particular product can yield for you. A location that has a strategic placement of their electronic skill game cabinets will maximize their profits by placing the gaming cabinets in areas that are highly visible, yet private enough for a player to spend long periods of time on them without being hassled by other customers shopping around them.

The atmosphere you are trying to create is one conductive to happy, comfortable players. Happy players will continue to come in time and again to spend their money with you. A convenience store, gas station, restaurant, or bar that is spacious and well-organized provides a better playing atmosphere because players like to spend time in locations where they are comfortable and feel welcome.

Oftentimes when potential players are coming into your location, they are there for something else. This is another reason to place machines in a highly visible area of your store. If customers are new to your establishment this is especially true. You never know which customer that comes in will end up being the regular that slips lots of money into your bill acceptor.

You should have your skill game machines easily visible from most of the walkways. Effective space management is an easy concept to understand, yet many business owners still fail to take this into consideration when placing their skill game cabinets.

As a business owner, you want to use every square meter of your location effectively to ensure that you are getting the best bang for your buck in your rented or owned space. Funambulist gaming cabinets give you one of the best returns on your investment and take up so very little of your precious floor space. It makes sense to prominently display these skill game cabinets so that potential players can see them and enjoy them.

Funambulist Gaming is the premier provider of gaming cabinets in the state of Nebraska. Contact us today to see how we can help you maximize the profits in your establishment!