How important is good gaming equipment?

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How important is good gaming equipment?

Creating an extra stream of income in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic has become critically important for convenience stores, restaurants, bars, and other businesses. In Nebraska, skill games could be the solution you are looking for, but not all game machines are created equal. The quality and reliability of the game machines you choose will directly impact your profitability. Funambulist Gaming has the perfect solution, with no additional costs required from small businesses interested in diversifying their options.

Good machines make a difference

When it comes to gaming cabinets for “cash devices” in Nebraska, quality equipment is key:

– Our cabinets are 64” inches tall, 28” wide, and 23” deep, meaning you don’t need a lot of space to increase your revenue possibilities.

– The cabinets themselves are constructed of 100% high-grade steel to ensure durability and long life.

– We use machines that are made in the U.S.A. to support the workers of America and their families.

– Extra-large touchscreen LED monitors keep players engaged and excited.

– Our superior bill validators accept everything from Washington to Benjamins ($1 bills to $100 bills). They keep a keen eye out to make sure no funny money is being used.

– The ultra-reliable thermal ticket printers clearly show any cash payouts awarded, so there are no disputes between what the customer claims to have won and what should actually be paid.

Gaming equipment in Nebraska

If you have an open area or an area with low-profit items in your store or establishment that you can designate to skill games, we can provide you with high-quality machines that can make a big impact without taking up a lot of space. These gaming systems are 100% legal and fully compliant with the Official Cash Device Regulations for Nebraska, as outlined by the Nebraska Department of Revenue (DOR).

The right stuff

As the best gaming equipment company in Nebraska, Funambulist Gaming will do a majority of the work for you:

– We file and pay for the application to have games evaluated by the DOR.

– Once the game has been approved, we file and pay for the decal that must be displayed on the front of the gaming cabinet so DOR representatives can verify at any time that the game(s) in your establishment are legitimate.

– We deliver, install, and service all of the gaming cabinets (and chairs) we provide to your establishment at no cost to you.

– We offer tech support for all equipment, seven days a week, with quick responses to your requests or questions.

– All money earned by the gaming machines is split equally between you and us.

Your obligation

If interested in obtaining gaming equipment machines for your restaurant, convenience store, bar, or other small business, there is one requirement you’ll need to take care of in order to provide gaming systems to your customers:

– You must complete and submit a Nebraska Application for Cash Device License—Form 57.

– There is no fee for this application, but if you have multiple stores or locations, you’ll need to file a license for each place.

– This license must be renewed annually.

To keep your gaming customers safe during the pandemic, we also ask that you regularly sanitize the gaming interface after each customer has used a station or provide the means necessary to allow your customers to self-clean before starting play. A sanitation station should be established near the game area to allow for added convenience for your customers.

Why choose us?

For one thing, we take our responsibilities as a “cash device” vendor very seriously. We don’t want to get in trouble with the law and we don’t want you to either. We constantly keep up with regulations and meet every demand required, efficiently and effectively.

Secondly, we offer a wide variety of the most popular skill games available, inviting even the most moderately curious customers to check out the games and take action (in other words, play!).

Superior equipment provided by an exceptional vendor like Funambulist Gaming is the key to generating a new stream of revenue for you while building additional customer loyalty. In addition to gaining revenues from each machine installed, game players will also rely on you to provide them with everything from snacks and drinks to full menu items for establishments that offer kitchen services or pre-packaged foods.

That’s a win/win no matter how you look at it. Contact us at 402-671-0449 and let’s get you rolling.