How Funambulist Gaming Helps Businesses To Achieve Their Financial Goals

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Achieve Financial Goals with Funambulist Gaming

Why Have Electronic Skill Games in Your Business?

Any small business owner knows that staying profitable can require some creativity. One solution for many businesses has been installing electronic skill game machines like the ones we provide at Funambulist Gaming. These games can act as a valuable safety net that can help counter the ups and downs of retail profits.

In some cases, the revenue from having skill games has been a way for organizations to fund employees’ health benefits and allowed them to put the money toward a good cause, supporting local charities. As a new revenue stream, you’ll find that electronic skill games are a profitable investment to help you achieve your financial goals. Of course, it’s always wise to be prepared for times when business might fluctuate. But, undeniably, adding a skill game to your convenience store, bar, or restaurant can significantly impact your bottom line. 

Funambulist Gaming charges nothing to install our games, and we’ll also train you and your staff for free. We keep our processes simple and in accordance with the Nebraska Department of Revenue. Check out our Owner Manual, which contains all the details you’ll need to get started.

What are Electronic Skill Games?

Skill games require practice and hand-eye coordination. This means the longer a player practices, the bigger the payouts. For example, the skill needed for a game could be as simple as tapping a symbol or as tricky as committing card values to memory. 

What are the Advantages of Electronic Skill Games?

The challenge of upping one’s skill level makes playing these games fun, with spins, reels, and bonus rounds that provide additional ways to make money. Because the better the player, the higher the reward, there’s more incentive for electronic skill game players to return. This makes skill games a great way to attract repeat customers. 

Funambulist Gaming stocks a variety of games, including the Superior Skill: Lightning Edition series and Lightning Skill 1. These are sure to be popular with everyone who enters your store.

Skill games have attracted a whole generation of younger players. This demographic demands new features and games based on knowledge and proficiency rather than pure luck. Moreover, because spending time perfecting their skills can make customers hungry and thirsty, they can also take advantage of the snacks and drinks only inches away.

We’ve designed our full-service operation to make our Electronic Skill-Games an easy, profitable solution for your business. Funambulist Gaming is your best resource for electronic skill games in Omaha, Nebraska. We provide quality gaming cabinets and exceptional service, including free  24/7 tech support and emergency dispatch service. 

Funambulist Gaming is one of only eight skill game distributors authorized by the Nebraska Department of Revenue (DOR). Check out our Skill Game Guide for details on maintaining electronic skill games in your establishment.

Call Funambulist Gaming at (402) 671-0449 or (800) 418-6915 or shoot us an email at We’re excited to connect you with stimulating and compliant electronic skill games for your convenience store, bar, or restaurant.