Are Skill Games Legal in Nebraska?

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Are Skill Games Legal in Nebraska?

Yes, they are! In 2020, the Nebraska Department of Revenue put into place Chapter 54- Regulation of Cash Devices, which officially made skill-based games legal in Omaha, Nebraska, and throughout the state. At Funambulist Gaming, we keep informed of any updates to Nebraska Department of Revenue (DOR) rules and regulations so our customers stay safely within the law.

What Makes a Skill Game Legal?

The Nebraska Liquor Control Commission has clear guidelines on state gambling and details which kinds of games are legal to have in your retail establishment. Skill games fall into this category, which is why skill-based games are legal statewide.

What Are the Benefits of Having Skill Games in Your Store?

Skill based games are ones in which the player inserts a small amount of money into the machine (usually less than a dollar) to play for a high score. 

A big reason skill-based games have become so popular is that while the rules are simple to understand, it takes practice to win. The more time you play, the bigger the opportunity to win money.  This element, along with the exciting nature of the games, makes them enticing and fun, which results in repeat customers. 

These games offer a free demo so you can get used to the gameplay before officially starting. Another reason skill games are trending is that there’s such a wide variety to choose from, with categories that include arcade, sports, fighting, and racing. You can check out the Funambulist Gaming selection here

What is the Review and Approval Process for Attaining a Skill-Based Game?

Chapter 54 regulations require convenience stores, restaurants, bars, and other businesses wanting to install skill-based games to complete a Form 57 application. Applicants must also be approved as Cash Device operators before adding this additional revenue stream. 

This approval comes from two sources, Gaming Labs International (GLI)  and the Nebraska Department of Revenue (DOR). For over thirty years, GLI has been a leader in the global gaming industry, providing testing, and certification of game equipment. And other professional services to operators, suppliers, and regulators. The DOR’s mission is to administer Nebraska revenue laws efficiently, consistently, and with integrity.  

How Can Funambulist Gaming Help?

As a licensed distributor of cash devices in Nebraska, our team at Funambulist Gaming has years of experience navigating the process of helping business owners add skill-based games to their retail establishments. 

We pay for and fill out the application at no cost to you. We also handle the annual fee for the decal that must be displayed on the front of skill game machines. Our complete Guide for Electronic Skill Games in Nebraska gives you all the necessary information. 


Why is Funambulist Gaming your best choice for electronic skill games? Along with superior customer service and strict adherence to Nebraska laws, the quality and variety of our skill-based games are hard to beat. We stock the most popular skill machine in Omaha, Nebraska, guaranteed to pique the interest of curious customers. In addition, our gaming systems are fully compliant with the Official Cash Device Regulations for Nebraska, as outlined by the Nebraska Department of Revenue.

If you’ve been looking into skill games in Omaha, Nebraska, get in touch with our team of experts. We provide one of the highest-per-foot profit-yielding solutions in the industry. You can add our games as a new revenue stream at no cost. We handle installation, training, and round-the-clock tech support completely free of charge. We’d love to hear from you and look forward to answering any questions. 

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