Coronavirus (COVID-19) is the story of the year, if not the story of the century.

The worldwide effects and loss of life caused by this pandemic are tragic. The economic fallout is still happening and many businesses have been forced to close and will never open again.

This 2020 Story is not about tragedy

It’s about how businesses with our Skill Games have been able to adapt to the current market conditions caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and increase their profits.

We can help you, too.

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The Reaction

Government Mandated Shutdowns of non-essential businesses, government buildings, schools and Stay-at-Home Orders were the initial reaction. Designed to slow the spread of the virus, the shutdowns triggered one of the most devastating economic recessions in our nation’s history.

Businesses were then classified as either “Essential” or “Non-Essential”. Overnight, “Essential Businesses” became the only place in town to purchase vital goods and services. Then, in March of 2020, The Department of Homeland Security officially classified Convenience Stores as Essential Businesses Throughout the summer, phased re-openings have helped businesses begin to get back on their feet, but making a profit is challenging.


Limited access to entertainment venues has created a strategic advantage for businesses with our wildly popular skill games. Businesses just like yours have seen a 100% increase in skill game revenue and profits during these difficult times. This vital revenue has helped absorb reduced profits from decreasing retail sales allowing them to remain open and their employees working.

What’s your plan now? We have one that’s working.

Now is the time to increase your profits from a new revenue stream without spending a penny. You provide the space. We provide one of the highest per foot profit yielding solutions in the industry. It’s that simple.

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Zero Contact Collection

Socially Responsible Processes Matter

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has made everyone rethink how they do business. By using our Remote Accounting Solution, we have been able to eliminate the old in-person collection process. This accurate and convenient collection method keeps all of us a little safer by helping eliminate unnecessary contact. We believe that being socially responsible in our business processes is more important now than ever.