Using Social Media And Advertising To Generate More Business

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Using Social Media And Advertising To Generate More Business

Businesses survive off of the revenue they generate year after year. If your revenue decreases, that can mean bad news for your business. There are various ways to create more business, and social media and advertising can get customers in the door; but what makes the customer spend more money? As an electronic skill games distributor in Nebraska, Funambulist Gaming knows the answer, so let us share some of our wisdom.

Benefits of Social Media and Advertising 

When it comes to social media and advertising, the benefits are innumerable. These avenues allow you to be at the forefront of potential customers’ minds and give you a platform to increase brand awareness, boost sales, engage with customers, and manage your business reputation. 

Increase Brand Awareness

How are customers supposed to find you if you don’t put yourself out there? Your business can generate more brand awareness through social media and digital marketing/advertising. You can get in front of potential customers by meeting your customers where they already are. Even if viewers see your advertisement and don’t press on it, you will still be moving towards becoming a recognized brand.

Boost Sales

In addition to increasing awareness of your brand, social media and advertising can boost sales. For example, let’s say you are a restaurant owner and post about your Friday specials on Instagram. All of your potential customers will be able to see the specials, increasing the likelihood of them coming to your restaurant. Offer incentives and promotions that customers want to participate in and boost your overall sales.

Customer Engagement

While online, many customers may have questions and comments they want to make about your business. Giving them an avenue to engage with you can boost customer engagement and help them with any questions or concerns. Similarly, it allows them to review, share, and post about your business online. 

Reputation Management

With increased customer engagement, you are also opening up your business to criticism online. However, that same avenue allows you to respond and manage your business reputation. This can be done by responding to angry customers, thanking loyal customers for their support, and building a positive reputation.

Other Ways to Generate More Business

While social media and advertisements can get new customers in the door, you also want to generate more business while they are there. So while many companies offer coupons, promotions, rebate programs, etc., electronic skills games are another way to generate more business without spending a dime.

Electronic Skills Games

Electronic skills games are gaming machines that customers pay to play. To win the games, customers must perform a series of actions based on their skill and not on chance. These games are designed to be competitive and engaging, ensuring that customers continue returning. Plus, gaming machines for your business are things that your customers spend money on elsewhere, attracting more customers and building loyalty. 

Find Gaming Machines for Your Business with Funambulist Gaming

At Funambulist Gaming, we work with you to establish a gaming machine for your business. You make room for the machines, we deliver and install them, and you watch as the profits roll in. It is that simple! You don’t pay for anything, and we do all the work. Funambulist Gaming is one of only eight skill game distributors authorized by the Nebraska Department of Revenue (DOR). We have helped various bars, gas stations, convenience stores, restaurants, and more increase their profit and generate more revenue. 

So, what are you waiting for? Call (800) 418-6915 or contact an associate at Funambulist Gaming to get the application process started today!