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Start the year off right

No matter how harsh the winter seems, January signals the beginning of longer days, a rejuvenated spirit, and an innate desire to finally get some structure in your daily affairs. This instinctive feeling is not just something we desire in our personal lives. The feeling wells up for us in regards to our business affairs as well. Whether you own a convenience store, gas station, restaurant, or bar, this time of the year triggers a passion to prioritize and organize the things you’ve been putting off from the previous year. That being said, Funambulist gaming is here to provide you with some helpful tips to get that motivated blood flowing and put your best foot forward in 2022!

Evaluate your player list & marketing strategies for 2022

Do you have a player list? You should. If you don’t, you’re leaving money on the table! Jot down some of your best players and review this list from time to time. This should include phone numbers and email addresses at a minimum. If you have contact info for customers who haven’t been in for a while, now is a great time to reach out to them. This might be as simple as sending them a text message asking them how you can improve their experience when they are in your store.

Clean up your act

Is your workplace riddled with paperwork and to-do’s that haven’t made it to the done list? Is your lobby in need of a deep cleaning? Not only is a disheveled work environment unsightly, but it can also have devastating effects on your employees’ motivation and morale. Productivity takes a nosedive in these kinds of environments. Skill games players don’t want to hang out and play in messy back corners. This could be costing you money.

Complacency breeds contempt. Having an organized and attractive workspace does more than just appeal to the eyes. It inspires us to bring this sense of organization to the work that we do there. Knowing this should give you the motivation to get in there and give your workplace a good deep cleaning this month. Not only is this good for you, but your customers, skill game players, and employees will also notice it as well like Funambulsit Gaming.

Free up your schedule

We know your time is important to you. Just as now is a good time to declutter your business, it is also the best time to declutter your schedule. January is a great month to analyze what was wasting your precious time last year and come up with a solution to combat it. Freeing up your schedule allows you to create time for things that are more important to you. Take back your hours and days this year so that you can be more productive.

Become more efficient

Let’s face it, most of your day is taken up by the humdrum of daily routine business activities. This can really zap your motivation when it comes to some of the important things that need to be accomplished. This is one of the reasons that efficiency really matters. You need to be sure you are getting the most out of the things that you do. Step back and look at your overall business to determine how you can perform your activities more efficiently. Streamline your operations, and delegate responsibilities where you can so you are not being stretched too thin. Are you spending too much time on the phone or at a desk? Could getting away from these time-draining functions help you improve your operations? Answering these questions could mean more dollars in your pocket this year.

Analyze your goals

Finally, do you have specific business goals or are they sort of vague? Are you meeting them or are things starting to trail off? If the goals you have set are not specific enough you may find yourself not being able to meet them. Now is the time of the year to examine these goals and make the appropriate adjustments where needed.

At Funambulist Gaming, we are committed to assisting you so that you achieve your financial goals. Our electronic skill game machines can help. We hope that you are able to use some of the tools and recommendations in this article to achieve the level of success you are striving for this year. Start the year off right this January and make 2022 your most profitable yet with us! Give us a call today!