Skill-based Gaming Cabinets – A Game Changer for Businesses!

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Skill-based Gaming Cabinets - A Game Changer for Businesses!

Technology is ever-evolving, but one constant is the drive to discover new and innovative ways to entertain and stimulate. Gaming cabinets have become integral to leisure culture, popping up in American convenience stores, bars, and restaurants. They offer a unique distraction for customers while waiting for a service, giving customers the chance for a fun – and potentially rewarding – experience.

That’s why many convenience store, bar, and restaurant owners and managers are turning to skill-based gaming cabinets. Skill game cabinets vary, with some offering the latest in features like interactive touchscreens and exciting new games, and are the perfect way to give your customers something new and thrilling.

What are Skill-Based Gaming Cabinets?

Skill-based gaming cabinets are an interactive gaming experience where the player relies on their skills to win. Skill-based gaming cabinets offer businesses a new and innovative revenue stream in addition to core business models. More and more businesses are seeing skill games as a way to boost revenue, engage customers, and diversify income to offset economic factors that can impact the bottom line. With skill-based gaming cabinets becoming more mainstream, the need to push innovation in the skill-based gaming industry showcasing sophisticated technology with a focus on player experience is behind every improvement. Players enjoy thrilling graphics with interactive game options and the opportunity to win based on strategic thinking—for example, the ability to maneuver out of a vulnerable position in a game of chess.

The Benefits of Skill-Based Gaming Machines for Businesses

The addition of a skill-based gaming cabinet is beneficial for businesses on multiple fronts.

Increased Revenue

The most obvious benefit of investing in a skill-based gaming cabinet is the potential for increased revenue. Since these machines are often more engaging and fun than regular gaming cabinets, customers are likely to spend more time on them. This means more money for your business, as customers invest more into the gaming experience.

Customers Stimulation

Introducing skill-based gaming cabinets to your business can give customers a unique and exciting experience. Unlike regular gaming machines, which often become repetitive, skill-based cabinets keep customers engaged and motivated to return for more. This can be great for increasing foot traffic and customer loyalty.

Attract a Wider Audience

Skill-based gaming cabinets also offer the chance to attract a wider audience. While regular gaming cabinets are typically only appealing to a certain demographic, such as those already interested in casino-style slots, skill-based cabinets can draw in players from all ages and backgrounds. Their gamified approach makes them more accessible and entertaining for all – not just a select few.

Businesses love the Odds

While skill-based cabinets give players a hand in the outcome of a game, they aren’t easy to win. They require the player to apply skill and strategy throughout the gaming experience, increasing engagement and appeal.

Maximize Cash Flow With Funambulist Skill-Based Games

Business models that incorporate new revenue streams in daily operations have a stronger position no matter what happens. Positive cash flow is essential to staying in business, and maximizing cash flow only maximizes profits. Skill-based games give businesses an excellent opportunity to do just that – without dividing their customer base. 

At Funambulist, we understand that skill-based gaming cabinets provide a thrilling experience for both the business owner and the customer. We partner with businesses and take care of it all: managing the application process and paying the fees, installing the machine, and performing routine maintenance, and repairs. Funambulist Gaming also offers 100% transparent reporting so partners can see exactly how much profit each machine is taking in. Partners provide the space for the skill game cabinet, and then enjoy the profits!

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