The benefits of being a NPCA member

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The benefits of being a NPCA member

The mission of the Nebraska Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association (NPCA) is to empower the success of its members through advocacy, education, and networking.

At Funambulist Gaming, what’s important to our customers is important to us, which is why we became a diamond member of the NPCA. Here’s how they help us help better serve your needs:

– Advocacy. NPCA members are not only legislatively represented in the state of Nebraska, but also at the national level in Washington, D.C. The NPCA works tirelessly to communicate the petroleum industry’s position to lawmakers, and by furthering legislation that are favorable to the industry while working to defeat detrimental legislation.

NPCA members also automatically become members of the Petroleum Marketers Association of America (PMAA)—a federation of state and regional trade associations representing nearly 8,000 independent petroleum marketers nationwide—as well as becoming part of the PMAA Small Business Committee (SBC) that helps to elect political individuals who are supportive of small businesses and independent petroleum marketers, amongst many other things.

– Education. NPCA members receive legislative and industry updates through a variety of communications, including regular reports on up-to-date information on relative bills as they pass through the legislative process, a quarterly NPCA Marketers Magazine that provides information on the latest industry news and events, and a weekly, digital NPCA Membership Newsletter to provide tips on how to power your success as a member of the petroleum and convenience store industry.

In addition, they provide a host of online training courses and webinars on industry-specific topics, such as Underground Storage Tank (UST) Operator Training.

– Networking. The NPCA Member Directory is available on the NPCA website so members can collaborate, ask each other questions, get recommendations on products and services, and more. And while the future of mass gatherings is questionable while COVID-19 is still a dangerous factor, in the past members have been able to participate in trade shows such as the PACEshow that represents more than 5,000 petroleum and convenience store retail locations, attracts over 2,000 attendees, and features 250-plus leading industry suppliers, offering NPCA members exclusive industry products and services to support their business success.

NPCA members have also been invited to attend the annual NPCA & NPGA (Nebraska Propane Gas Association) joint convention.

– Philanthropy. Each year, the NPCA awards three George L. Watters Memorial Scholarships to individuals who are the offspring or members of the NPCA. These scholarships are for students graduating from high school who are interested in attending a college or university in Nebraska. The scholarships are intended to help ensure the future of petroleum marketers and convenience store owners in Nebraska.

– Discount. Through the NPCA’s National Purchasing Partners (NPP), members have access to savings on products and services through negotiated contract pricing on leading-edge products and services.


The Nebraska Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association (NPCA) advocates for their members so those members can focus more on day-to-day business operations and increase their bottom line.

Funambulist Gaming is a diamond member of the NPCA so we can use their advocacy, education, and networking services to stay better informed on industry trends to provide greater opportunities for our customers and potential new clients.