Keeping your skill game seats warm this winter

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Keeping Skill game seats warm this winter

Late winter is the time of year when things can begin to slow down. The hustle and bustle of the holiday season are winding to a close, and folks start to prepare for the new year. It is during this time that many bars and convenience store owners notice a drop in skill gameplay. Though it is to be expected, it often still comes as a surprise to many of the skill game operators. 

The reason for the slowdown is predictable and yet it still can come as an unwelcome shock if we are not properly prepared. Why does this slowdown occur? For starters, the weather is much colder than the rest of the year and the holiday season has often left players all but drained of much of their disposable income.

Many people are also holding tight and waiting for their income tax return to come in. So, how do you as an electronic skill game operator weather the storm until tax season arrives? Well, here are some ideas that will help you keep new and existing customers coming through the door and also keep your pockets a little more padded through the tail end of winter. Be sure to put these items on your Christmas list!

Dress for success!

This is the time of year when people are getting a little more holiday pay (think Christmas Bonuses) and taking extra time off of work for vacations and to see extended family. Many people are going out to finish up their holiday shopping and run extra last-minute errands. They also spend a little extra time being festive and enjoying the celebrations. This provides you an opportunity to get in on the action with them. Dressing up your establishment and offering some simple and inexpensive party favors puts a nice foot forward to your customers in the New Year. Creating new benefits and perks for your patrons and advertising these on your establishments website, Facebook or other social media is an excellent idea too. 

Showcase your Electronic Skill Game Cabinets!

A great way to keep and attract new business is to showcase your Funambulist electronic stand-ups! Be sure your skill games are displayed prominently and that customers are made aware and encouraged to enjoy playing them. Oftentimes potential players will stick around a little longer if they notice the machines. It is the time of year for miracles of course! One never knows what a few bucks could turn into!

Put skill game players on your nice list!

Just like any business, you should give your top players some kind of perks to keep them coming around. Your biggest group of regulars who keep the seats warm will likely be the ones that help out your bottom line the most. It just makes sense to give them a few reasons to stick around a little longer. This could be as simple as a free cup of coffee or soft drink to encourage them to relax and not rush off. Be sure you and your staff get to know these regular players as they are the bread and butter of your skill game business. Believe it or not, a personal touch goes a long way in where these players decide to play. Make sure you give them a reason to choose your establishment.

At Funambulist Gaming, we are here to help with all of your skill gaming needs. Funambulist Gaming is the premier supplier of the best electronic skill gaming systems in Omaha, Nebraska. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you today. Give us a call to get started!