How to turn Skill Game Players into regulars!

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Turn Skill Game Players into regulars!

All business owners know that having a consistent base of customers is the key to being successful. The electronic gaming industry is no different. Established, repeat skill game players (better known as “regulars”) can really boost your bottom line. So, how do you create and then keep these kinds of customers? It’s easier than you think. There are 4 simple techniques that can ensure you keep the playing crowd coming back to your skill-based games again. Acquire, Align, Acknowledge, and Appreciate them!  

Acquire: Finding Skill Game Players

The great thing about skill based games is that the players are always looking for popular skill-based games that pay money. Players will find you! All of our gaming cabinets have attractive displays with large LED touch screens featuring award-winning graphics, so they are guaranteed to attract new customers. A large portion of your patrons may already be skill game players, so the first hurdle has likely been crossed already!

Align with your customers: Now that you have some players, talk to them!

Realize that a skill game player is just an individual person like you. Nowadays, customers are accustomed to being treated as nothing more than simply consumers. When they walk into a restaurant, bar, convenience store, or gas station, no one recognizes that they’ve been there twenty times before. You cannot treat your skill game, customers, like this if you want their repeat business. The kind of customer service you provide during their visit will determine their opinion of you.

Players are looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of their regular day. Yes, they are playing the game machines to win, but that is not the only thing that dictates their experience. They are also playing to simply have some fun in their downtime. They are wanting to relax. When they come in, acknowledge them with a quick “hello”, or “good to see you again”. Create an atmosphere of familiarity so that they are comfortable being in your location. Get their name if possible, and keep the conversation about them. Personalized service with a little special attention goes a long way toward creating repeat players.

Acknowledge: Give your players some special recognition. 

Now that you have players, and they know you and your business, make them feel special by giving something to them as a show of appreciation. This doesn’t have to be anything expensive. It could be something as simple as a free soft drink or coffee. Many customers come to a particular place for a single purchase. Oftentimes, if they find what they are looking for, they purchase it and then don’t have much of a reason to stay or return. Look at these transactions as an opportunity to create a relationship with them. Show them that you value them as not just a player, but as a person as well.

Appreciate them. Keep players coming by starting a referral program.

Once again, it’s all about the customer! Players like to be recognized for their contributions to your business. One of the best things a player can do for you is to tell another player about your location. Offer customers something in return for referring a friend or family member. A referral can be worth its weight in gold! Most of these skill game players have friends and family that also play these electronic skill games. They talk to each other about their good and bad experiences. Everyone likes to be the person that turned their family or friend into a good thing. If you give your players a personalized, positive experience, and offer them a few perks, they will be sure to tell their friends about it. This kind of word-of-mouth advertising is the best kind of marketing to advertise your business. Establishing a few happy regulars can start a snowball of regular business.

It’s easy to build and maintain a customer base with Funambulist Gaming!

Getting players and turning them into regulars is simple if you remember the four A’s. Acquire, Align, Acknowledge, and Appreciate! Funambulist Gaming skill game cabinets are an easy way to add value to your customer’s experience. They are perfect for any gas station, convenience store, or cafe business owner that wants to increase their bottom line. Give us a call! Funambulist Gaming is located in Omaha, Nebraska and our expert team is eager to assist you today with your electronic skill gaming needs!