How Funambulist Outshines Its Competitors

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Funambulist Gaming Outshines Its Competitors

Skill gaming distributions & services abound in Nebraska, but only one company truly shines in the field—Funambulist Gaming. Our team understands the difficulties you experience as a business and aims to alleviate any pressure associated with adding a new revenue stream to it.

Our mission is to provide you with the profit and none of the hassle. And this blog helps you to understand exactly how we do it.

Funambulist Gaming—Offering Skilled Gaming Distributions & Services

Have you been looking for skill games for sale? Funambulist Gaming is a skill games distributor in Nebraska that partners with various businesses to increase their income stream. Our skill-based games provide your customers with fun, entertaining, and challenging games to play while they are in your business. Restaurants, convenience stores, bars, and more can profit from our games and help you achieve your financial goals. 

We have a whole host of skill-based gaming options, including a variety of nudge games in Nebraska and others, such as:

  • The High Roller Club
  • The Golden Master
  • Superior Skill I
  • Superior Skill II
  • Superior Skill III
  • Superior Skill Lightning Edition

Every time a customer plays a game, they have to pay a small amount to play. That small pay-to-play fee builds up over time and results in profits for your business. Funambulist comes around to all our partners, collects the money collected by the machine, and splits the profits 50/50. 

Partnering with Funambulist Gaming is the Right Choice

To take advantage of these skill-based games and increase your business revenue, you will need to partner with a skill games distributor. At Funambulist, you can increase your profits with no up-front investment, expect free delivery, installation, maintenance, and repairs, and no applications/fees.

No Up-Front Investment

Unlike other distributors, we don’t make you pay anything to utilize our skill-based games. It may sound too good to be true, but we are dedicated to our business partners and want to give them the highest probability of success. So, we don’t make you pay a penny upfront. Instead, we take a portion of the profits from the machines. 

Free Delivery, Installation, Maintenance, and Repairs 

While we partner with various businesses across Nebraska, we don’t expect you to keep up with our machines. Instead, we come to you and take care of them on our dime. Everything from white-glove delivery, installation, maintenance of the machines, and repairs is taken care of by Funambulist Gaming. So, even though you profit from the machines, you don’t have to pay the fees and expenses associated with them. You can just sit back and watch the cash roll in. 

We Take Care of the Application and Fees

In order to operate a skill-based game in the state of Nebraska, your business needs to apply for an operator’s license. Instead of making you do it, Funambulist Gaming makes it easy. We complete all the necessary paperwork and applications to get you started. Submit the annual renewal paperwork, and take care of the application fee. You just have to provide us with some information and watch your revenue increase.

Choose Funambulist Gaming as Your Skill Games Distributor

In the world of skills-based games, Funambulist Gaming is the distributor that outshines the competition. We take all of the hassle and headache out of operating skill games in your business; ensuring that all paperwork, fees, expenses, and costs are taken care of. Instead of worrying about the ins and outs of the game, your business just experiences all the best parts of skill games—the profit. 

Increase your revenue and achieve your business’s financial goals by partnering with Funambulist Gaming. Call 402-671-0449 or contact an associate at Funambulist Gaming to get the process started today!