Getting more Skill game players

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Getting more players

Getting new customers, or growing your customer base, is a sure sign that you are doing things right inside your small business. Adding new skill game players to your list of regulars will surely mean more dollars in your pocket. So, how do you go about finding more people to press that play button on your skill game cabinets? Here at Funambulist Gaming, we’ve got some tips for you that could help you find them (or they find you)!

Offer 2 for 1 special. 

Create specials specifically designed for at least two people. 2 for 1 deals are popular and will incentivize your regulars to bring another player along. A free snack for a new customer is a great trade-off for you. You never know which skill game customer is going to be the one that comes in day after day to push that button. Also, players usually stay a little longer if they happen to be in the company of a good friend. And the longer you can keep those seats warm, the more money will be in your pocket.

Shake some hands. 

There is nothing better than good old-fashioned word-of-mouth advertising. So don’t be afraid to get out there and network your business. Remember, you are offering a worthy past-time. People really enjoy playing electronic skill games for fun. Keep it casual but mention that you have skill game cabinets in your business. You’d be surprised how many people are familiar with them, and perhaps even play skill games already. Word can spread fast if they didn’t know you had these gaming machines in your establishment already. A wave of new customers is a good problem to have!

Offer specials that specifically target new customers. 

Consider offering an incentive to new players. This could be as simple as offering a little extra free play the first time they sign up. Everyone likes to receive something for free. Keep track of the new players that respond to this so that you can further target them in the future as you know they responded positively to your marketing efforts. Once they’re in the door, use the other techniques we discussed to keep them playing your electronic skill games longer and coming back.

Touch base with old customers.

One of the most common practices in business is to create a marketing strategy that targets old customers. There is a reason for this. It is very effective. If you have created a player list (which is something you should have in your location), look over it and take note of skill game regulars who have dropped off the map. This happens from time to time and doesn’t mean that they were unhappy with your business, necessarily. Sometimes they just get out of the routine, or maybe they have found another place with skill game machines. Reach out to them and offer them an incentive to return. They’ll appreciate the incentive, and that you thought enough about them to reach out.

Update your online presence. 

If you have a website or social media account, online marketing could be one of the primary ways to drive business to your local establishment. Take a look over your online accounts and update information periodically so that it is relevant, and so that followers see new content every now and then. Enlisting the help of a young employee is a good idea as they often have their finger on the pulse of new technology and social media.

Team Up. 

Consider partnering up marketing efforts with someone that is also in a similar business as yours. Skill game players like to play at multiple locations. Brainstorm with them how you could target each other’s customers without directly competing with them. Other small business owners might welcome this idea as it broadens their exposure, targets new customers, and at the same time cuts marketing expenses.

Tell players to spread the word.

If you’re waiting for your skill game players to spread the word to increase your business, you might be waiting a long time. Sometimes people like to keep a good thing to themselves. Knowing this, create some type of system that helps get your customers to speak out about your skill games. When someone is happy about a win, that’s a great time to ask them to tell their friends about your place. See if you can get a player’s contact info so that you can send them a message later to spread the word or bring some friends along to play your gaming cabinets next time.

Get feedback. 

Find a way for people to review your products and services. Be sure to monitor this so that you can resolve issues and present yourself in a positive manner. Don’t be afraid to ask your skill game players and customers if they were satisfied, or what you could be doing better to improve their experience. Feedback like this could give you new ideas or insight as to what other locations with electronic skill games are doing to be successful.

Get Involved. 

People quite enjoy supporting small businesses that are in their communities. You can easily raise awareness by sponsoring a local kid’s basketball team or charity. These things help get your name out there and are also tax-deductible.

Skill game machines offer an easy and affordable solution to supplement your income and are perfect for convenience stores, restaurants, bars, gas stations, as well as many other businesses. Funambulist Gaming is the premier provider of electronic skill games and is fully licensed by the Nebraska Department of Revenue. Call us today to get started!