Funambulist Overcomes Language Barriers in Skill Game Business

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Language Barriers in Skill Game Business

In the United States, an increasing number of businesses, individuals, and organizations speak a language other than English. With this increase, businesses are finding it difficult to serve everyone in their community, if they don’t expand their language options. At Funambulist Gaming, we believe that anyone who wants to partner with us should be able to. That is why we have expanded our own language skills—so that we can overcome these barriers in our skill game business. Interested in how we achieved this? Read more to find out.

How Language Barriers Affect Businesses in Nebraska

A report by the New American Economy stated “Since 2010, the United States has experienced a meaningful increase in the demand for bilingual workers.” The report then goes on to demonstrate that in just 5 years (from 2010-2015) job postings asking for bilingual workers increased by 15.7%. This increase is expected to continue over the next several years, and businesses will continue to need bilingual workers. According to a study performed by the Department of Health & Human Services, approximately 7.4% of Nebraskans spoke Spanish. 

This large demographic of the state is underserved in many businesses, and as such these businesses are unable to expand into new markets. Without the proper workforce, businesses can run into difficulties with suppliers and partners when language barriers get in the way. At Funambulist Gaming, we want to break down these barriers and ensure that our services with skill game business are available to anyone in the community.

Funambulist Overcomes Language Barriers with New Hires

Funambulist Gaming is an electronic skill games company partnering with a wide range of businesses throughout Nebraska. We partner with convenience stores, restaurants, bars, and more, to help them diversify their income stream through electronic skill games.

As our company has grown we noticed a recurring theme with our partnerships. We were trying to partner with companies but were unable to properly communicate with them due to language barriers. In an effort to overcome these barriers, Funambulist Gaming decided to find new hires that would help us reach these customers. As such, we have added two new Spanish-speaking team members to better serve and support the increase of Spanish-speaking customers.

New Spanish-speaking team members have allowed us to branch out and truly serve the bilingual communities in Nebraska. We are very happy to have them on the team and working with our bilingual clients to improve communication and help achieve business goals for a diverse customer base.

Bilingual Company provides Gaming Cabinets in Nebraska

Looking for a bilingual company that distributes gaming equipment machines in Nebraska? Look no further! Funambulist Gaming is here to help. We are an electronic skill games company in Nebraska. We have a dedicated sales team speaking English and Spanish. Customer service representatives are here to assist every one of the partners. Are you interested in discovering how to make your business more profitable? 

Call (800) 418-6915, or visit our bilingual website to speak with a representative.