Funambulist Gaming—Meet Angel Sanchez

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Meet Angel Sanchez

One of the foundations of the Funambulist Gaming business is transparency. In an effort to increase our transparency, we would like to begin introducing the Funambulist Gaming team! Up first is Angel Sanchez. 

About Angel

Angel Sanchez comes from an immigrant family and identifies as a Mexican-American. He is fluent in both Spanish and English and uses his skills to work with our diverse clientele. In his free time, Angel enjoys traveling, cooking, exercising, and spending time with family and friends. He is a certified “dog dad” to a Jack Russell Terrier/Beagle mix named Luna. Angel is motivated by being of service to others and helping his community. He is a caring person that will always go above and beyond to help someone that needs my help. His capacity to care for others is evident in the way he communicates and builds professional relationships with his colleagues at Funambulist. He consistently contributes to our culture of team building and works hard to be able to better support his client’s electronic skill game needs.

Angel’s Role at Funambulist Gaming

Angel is a Sales Associate with Funambulist Gaming. He has worked with us for the past two years and has quickly become an invaluable asset to our team. His dedication to customers is visible in every aspect of his work. When asked about his work Angel said, “I am driven by, and value, relationship building in my professional and personal life. I love talking to my customers and learning about their stories and needs. I strive to always be there for my customers to help them resolve any issues or questions they have. I like to build trusting and supportive relationships with every client. Ultimately, one of the most satisfying aspects of my position is hearing about client success stories and how we have helped them to build extra revenue into their businesses.”

Why We Love Angel

Angel’s strength with electronic skill games comes from his love of sales. He always approaches potential clients with a perspective of transparency, integrity, and customer focus. When asked what his favorite part about working at the gaming equipment machine company is, Angel responded “One of my favorite things about my position at Funambulist is working with businesses in my community, and across Nebraska, and helping them to succeed.”

Angel’s dedication to this cause truly embodies the Funambulist Gaming mission and we are glad to have him as a vital part of our team.

Funambulist Gaming

At Funambulist Gaming we take pride in helping businesses create and build a new revenue stream in their business. Through our gaming equipment machines, businesses are able to use the money spent on those machines and increase their profit margins. Our sales associates are an integral part of our mission and help businesses realize the earning potential they could have. Our innovative gaming solutions have helped businesses all over Nebraska become more profitable. If you would like to work with Angel and learn more about increasing your business revenue you can contact us by calling (800) 418-6915 or visiting our website.