Did your Skill Games get picked up?

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Did your Skill Games get picked up?

If you are one of the many businesses recently affected by the new skill game Cash Device regulations in Nebraska, we have great news for you. The Nebraska Department of Revenue (DOR) recently dictated that all skill games must be submitted for independent lab testing by Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) and certification by the Nebraska Department of Revenue by February 2nd, 2021. Distributors who did not submit their skill machines for testing were forced to remove them from businesses like yours.

What’s the good news?

Of the 25 or so distributors that used to be available for legal cash device distribution, only around eight remain. Funambulist Gaming, and our parent company Winners Marketing, are two of those distributors.

If you previously had machines that have been picked up, you already understand the value that skill games provide to your business. To stave off that loss of additional income as quickly as possible, we’re prepared to fill those empty spaces in your bar, restaurant, convenience store, or other small business with fully compliant machines that are ready to roll right now.

In fact, Funambulist Gaming, LLC distributor for Winners Marketing, Inc. is authorized to operate many of the same game board titles you may have picked up, as long as they have the provisional decals that are registered to Winners Marketing, Inc. and they are affixed to all-cash devices in operation at your business.

Why choose Funambulist Gaming?

You have options when it comes to working with skill game vendors. We happen to believe we are your best option because of the exceptional service and follow-up we provide. For example:

– We file and pay for the annual decals that must be displayed on compliant gaming cabinets. Cost to you? Zero.

– We deliver to and install skill game cabinets in your establishment for free. We also train you and your staff on how the machines operate for free. And you don’t pay a penny of in-game rental fees.

– If a skill game isn’t operating correctly, or there is a problem with the bill changer, receipt dispenser, or anything else, it’s not making money for you. You can contact us for tech support for free 24/7. If you need a technician to come to your facility, we provide free emergency dispatch service.

– On top of all of the free services mentioned above, we split all earnings equally with you. All you need to do is make a space for the games and show us where you want them installed. We even provide a free premium chair with each cabinet. Your customers have a super comfortable place to sit while playing.

Quality is also important

The best service in the world doesn’t mean much if the skill games delivered to you aren’t equally exceptional.

– Our gaming cabinets offer a small footprint with a huge impact. Measuring just 64” tall by 28” wide, and 23” deep, you don’t need a lot of room to get your new revenue stream rolling.

– All our machines are made in the U.S.A. to support American workers.

– The cabinets are constructed of 100% high-grade steel to ensure amazing durability.

– Our extra-large, LED touch screens provide vivid graphics and motion to intrigue and tantalize your customers.

– The bill validators can accept everything for $1 to $100 and are keen on catching fraudulent bills if someone tries to pass one.

– Our thermal ticket printers clearly show any cash payouts that a customer has won, so there are no disputes deciphering poorly printed receipts.

Get back in the game

Don’t let your extra revenues evaporate because of the new regulations. Call Funambulist Gaming at 402-671-0449 (toll-free: 800-418-6915) or shoot us an email at info@funambulistgaming.com. Let’s get you hooked back up with exciting and compliant games that are ready to go now!