Creating a safer, player friendly environment

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Creating a safer, player friendly environment

Skill game players go to locations that make them feel welcome and safe. It’s that simple. Our most successful partners know this and do it well, but the COVID-19 pandemic has made this a bigger challenge. During these difficult times, skill game players need to be reassured that all the necessary precautions are being taken to make the playing area as safe as possible. For that reason, we have put together these simple suggestions to help our partners create a Safer, Player Friendly Environment.

Make a Cleaning and Disinfecting Plan

Creating a cleaning and disinfecting plan is the most important step to take. Sit down and create a plan that ensures that cleaning and disinfecting are integrated into the daily tasks of your employees on each shift during your hours of operation.

Train your employees

Go over the schedule with your employees in advance and explain to them why it is important to the overall success of your business. Informed employees that understand the “Big Picture” almost always do better than uninformed employees. Most importantly, take time to train your employees on how to safely clean and disinfect. Always wear disposable gloves and an approved mask when cleaning public spaces. Here are several important resources from the CDC and EPA.

Clean while Players are in your location

It is important that your customers see you cleaning vacant skill games. This will show them that you are making every effort to clean and sanitize the area for their safety.

Talk to your customers about your plan

Talk to your regular customers about the steps you are taking to clean the playing area. Taking the time to stop and talk to your customers shows that you value their business and care about their well-being.

Important Note: The suggestions we present here are meant to be used only after you have met all federal, state, and local requirements for operation during the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes any and all social distancing requirements.

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