Are you receiving the best support and service with your gaming equipment?

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Are you receiving the best support and service with your gaming equipment?

The year 2020 was very difficult for many small business owners trying to maintain sales during the pandemic. Now that vaccines have been developed to flatten the curve and diminish the number of people getting sick from the virus, many people are hoping 2021 will be a better, more prosperous year, especially for bars, convenience stores, and other businesses that rely on a steady stream of regular customers to stay in business and make ends meet.

We have the solution.

Funambulist Gaming is here to support small, consumer-driven businesses looking to add an extra stream of revenue at no cost to them. We offer cash devices that not only provide additional income, but they also build customer loyalty and opportunities for additional sales.

Work with the best.

If you’re already working with a different gaming company, the question is, are you receiving the best support and service with your gaming equipment? Let’s take a look at what the Funambulist Gaming difference can do for new and current customers:

– Nebraska Approved. All legal cash devices must be evaluated and approved by Gaming Labs International (GLI)—a single, independent laboratory—as well as the Nebraska Department of Revenue (DOR). We apply and pay for this application at no cost to you.

– Validated. Once approved, all electronic skill games must have a valid decal affixed prominently on the front of the machines for DOR agents in the field to clearly see. This must be renewed annually. We also apply and pay for this sticker each year, with no cost to you.

– Service. We provide the game terminals to you for free (no rental fee). We install them, provide free seats for your customers to use while using the gaming system, and we provide free on-site training for you and your staff.

– Troubleshooting. We also offer free 24/7 tech support and free emergency dispatch service. If your games aren’t working properly, you are not making any money and your customers will be unhappy.

– Collections. For your added protection, we provide a Remote Accounting Solution that tabulates profits, which we split equally with you. This means our collections representatives will not need to regularly visit your business to audit the machines.

Your involvement.

You will need to provide a designated space for the machines. However, our gaming cabinets offer big potential with a small footprint. Each unit measures 28” wide, 23” deep, and 64” tall, so you won’t need to use up much precious real estate in your establishment.

You will also need to submit a Nebraska Application for Cash Device License—Form 57. There is no fee for this, but you will need an application filed for each location in which you do business. In other words, if you have two stores or bars, you’ll need an application for each.

To keep your customers safe, you should also periodically clean the controls of each machine after use. You can either designate an employee to take care of this for you or set up a station with sprays or wipes for customers to self-clean the cabinets and chair before getting started with their gaming.

That’s all there is to it.

Let’s get going.

Are you ready for the best gaming equipment service in Nebraska from the best Gaming Equipment Company located in Omaha, Nebraska? Get in touch with Funambulist Gaming today and let’s start building your revenues.

Give us a call at 800-418-6915 or send us an email at for further information. If you’re already a client and need service, you can call the numbers above for immediate attention, or shoot us an email at

We look forward to providing you with the best gaming equipment experience in the business.