3 Key Considerations to Maximize Playing Time

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Maximize Playing Time of Skill-based Games

Having an effective strategy to maximize the playing time of skill-based games equals more profit for you. Don’t overlook these three considerations to maximize your profit.

Business owners have to always think about the “big picture”, making every decision to fulfill an operational strategy. Every customer that walks through your door is an opportunity waiting to happen and is already thinking about spending money. How can business owners take advantage of this mindset to support the bottom line?

Maximizing your profit comes down to these three considerations:


The first consideration is placement. Where should you place your Nebraska Cash Device machines? Placement of the Gaming Equipment Machines at the front of your store, in relation to your foot traffic. It will go a long way to increasing playtime from your customers. If floor space is challenging for location, removing or moving low-profit merchandise is the best way to make room.   


The second thing to consider is the visibility of the Skill-based game machines. Most store layouts require customers to walk past the checkout counter on their way into the store and then return to the checkout counter to purchase their merchandise selections. Having the machines in the front of the store adjacent to the checkout counter makes them easy to see from almost anywhere in the store. If your customers can’t see the machines, they will not play skill-based games. Putting them in the back room or tucked away in the back of the store is a common mistake that is easy to avoid.


Once you have determined the best placement in terms of a floor plan and ensured this provides high visibility of the machine, the third consideration is the atmosphere. While the gaming cabinets are compact and can be quickly set up without much change to the existing floor plan, you’ll want to be sure that the atmosphere is welcoming and comfortable. Customers that have comfortable seating and enough elbow room to play, will return time and time again. You’ll want to ensure that shopping customers have room to move freely around the store and the machines so that playing customers do not feel crowded or that other customers are hovering over them. Shopping customers will see the comfortable arrangement and likely join in on the fun.

Take time before your skill-based games arrive to review these key considerations with one of our professional staff members so that you can hit the ground running. Well-planned strategy with Funambulist Gaming, you’ll be able to offer your customers more reasons to shop than with your competitors.

Customers like options, and giving customers options to play and shop without feeling crowded or distracted will offer the right environment for continued playtime. This may encourage shopping customers to become playing customers! Returning customers will feel comfortable coming back for more, and new customers will have the confidence to play based on the effort you put into their comfort – a winning combination! Let’s Get Started. Contact us today.

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